You Can Join Facebook (Meta)’s Whitelist, Use ‘T2V’ Artificial Intelligence!

It looks like Meta AI will continue what Dall-E 2 started…

Oguz Bayata



Artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly after the announcement of Dall-E 2 since April. The text-to-image technology, which only limited people can use, has managed to attract the attention of the agenda. The technology that started with the whitelist has now become a system that can be used by everyone for free.

Especially as I shared before, artificial intelligences that can be accessed for free have started to become competitors with each other. I have written and shared a lot of content about this before. A new one has joined this competitive world. It is formerly Facebook, now Meta.

Meta started to work directly on video instead of using the text-to-image technology of its competitors. And recently it announced its artificial intelligence called Meta AI. Now, let’s look at what this artificial intelligence is and what features it offers, together.

What is Make a Video?

Make a Video is an artificial intelligence application developed by Meta AI, created to analyze the progress of unsupervised video footage, aiming to generate images from text. Meta AI has developed an extremely fast model that takes advantage of aesthetically fast text-to-image technology and does not require text-to-video data. Just like in Dall-E 2, it transforms logical pictures from irrelevant text into videos.

What Features Does Meta AI (Make a Video) Offer?

The developers say it has 3 distinct advantages over the published article:

  • Speeds up model training as it…



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