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Oguz Bayata
5 min readMay 5, 2022


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As someone who takes writing articles as a goal, I try to produce articles almost every day. Of course, while producing articles, I take care to comply with certain rules and qualifications. Maybe you could say: that producing content every day will affect writing badly?

Yes, it can sometimes affect it badly, but sometimes it can push you to write more qualified articles. My progress is made every day by writing, reading and researching. Anyone can do this under various conditions.

I watched the career videos of various software developers, especially on Youtube. The common point was as follows: This sector is constantly renewing and improving itself. They said that if you don’t read something new and stay in the same place, then you disappear. Actually, I can describe myself as a writer who is advancing in his career as a software developer.

I try to move forward by renewing myself every day and setting new goals. As a Medium writer, you can train yourself in this direction. Before this, there was an article where I reviewed authors who earned $1000 from Medium articles. The resources there may be a bit old, but we have a lot to learn from those authors.

And now every day talented, innovative and interesting writers are joining the Medium website. Every experience is a source and reference for us. In short, every resource is a gold.

That’s why I’m going to explain my detailed and statistics-based article in which I tell you about my own experiences. Considering these resources, you can improve yourself as much as possible.

History and stats of the article I earned $20

Ever since I was writing for Medium from day one, I’ve been realizing there’s good potential here. Almost all professional groups had a story on medium and it is a good portfolio source for these companies. With these in mind, I started to write an article that was the best version of myself.

My goals were to publish a story in a good Medium post. It had to be such a place that it had to be an environment where I could…



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