Top 4 Best Free Text-to-Speech AI Tools for Use in YouTube Shorts Videos

Free Artificial Intelligence tools for Those who don’t want to use their Own Voice on YouTube

Oguz Bayata
3 min readFeb 1, 2023
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Youtube will begin sharing ad revenue from Shorts with content creators starting from February 1st 2023. I think that day is today 😊

So, especially if you want to generate income on Youtube, you can produce content without the need to use your voice. You may have come across many articles under the name of free on the Internet.

For Youtube videos, however, most software offers ‘Paid’ plan options. This especially affects people who do not have a certain budget or who are new to Youtube. I will be sharing 4 different artificial intelligence tools that can at least handle you at first, even if they are not realistic in sound.


TTSMP3 is the first of the free artificial intelligence tools that allow up to 3000 characters maximum. By supporting 28 different languages, you can easily use it in your videos with Youtube Shorts. Although it is not a substitute for a natural sound, it will be useful for you as a start.

The best feature of this artificial intelligence tool is that it can be downloaded directly in ‘MP3’ format for free.



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