Now I Understand The Importance Of Being Consistent!

What happens when you haven’t been on Medium for a long time?

Oguz Bayata
5 min readOct 5, 2022


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Hello, for a long time I could not find much time to write content due to my job. But now I’ve decided to re-evaluate that time. Although I have time to write content since I found a job through Medium, it is not possible for me to post here as I take that time to rest.

Of course, I still take care to produce quality content for you. Recently, I have been producing up to 10 content per month. In fact, I was able to produce a maximum of 5 content last month.

In almost every article, I was giving information about your consistency in producing content. But unfortunately I am one of those who are not consistent.

Now what are you missing on Medium if you don’t stay consistent and keep up. Let’s look at them together.

1. Statistics

Screenshot of ‘Medium account statistics’ by the author

Every writer who writes for Medium strives to increase the statistics of their content. The most important reason for this is to determine how your content appeals to more people, rather than how many people read it.

The effective way to do this is to look at the general statistics of the contents.

To give an example from myself, I reached almost 1000 daily readings between August and September. But since I haven’t written in a long time, these stats have dropped to 150 people. I tried hard to get 1000 reads per day but now I have to start over.

If you are experiencing a sudden decrease in some situations, do not worry, if it does not work, start again. Eventually, the algorithm will recommend your posts and the daily will appeal to more people.

2. Curator

If you’re an active writer on Medium, you know it’s important to be selected by the Curator (Chosen for further distribution).

Although some people say that their content gets engagement even without a curator, this is not true personally. How do I know? Because the most read articles were chosen by a…



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