How to Train Yourself as a Writer (Pretty Fun)

The reason I haven’t been on Medium all this time is that I’m a full-time writer.

Oguz Bayata
3 min readMar 13, 2023
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Everyone knows that being a writer takes will and time. When you define yourself as a writer, it will be necessary for your development to always do your best. Be sure, I wrote 5 different articles and delivered them to the customers before the article I wrote now.

The arrival of ChatGPT may have frightened or delighted you. But you have to remember this: You can still be a better writer.

Every Effort Pays Off One Day!

When I first started Medium, my life was in total darkness. Now, I work for media companies, write in different languages, and edit and manage social media accounts. In some companies, I work with artists.

If I came to these places, you can come too. You just have to work with dedication and never stop. If your faith is firm, you can reap the fruits of that effort.

So, let’s get into the details of how to train yourself as a writer, which is the main subject of the content…

Make As Many Mistakes As You Can!

This title may have been interesting. However, when you approach realistically in the light…



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