For You: Quick Word Typing Ways

Writing 4000 words a day will be simple by trying these methods!

Oguz Bayata
4 min readApr 13, 2023
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Everyone knows that writing can be annoying in some situations. In such cases, you may need a guide. Don’t worry, I have analyzed all the situations for you and simplified them for you. By applying these methods, you will be able to write articles more simply and quickly.

Especially these methods; Ideal for making writing work.

How Can You Write Articles Faster?

There are ways tried by many authors. To type faster, of course, you will need a good keyboard and space where you will not be very comfortable. You can write articles faster than the previous day by trying certain methods. Just believe and succeed!

Doesn’t Fast Typing Deteriorate the Quality of the Article?

I was getting this criticism a lot with the methods I tried before and the content I shared. Yes, if you believe it, it can spoil the quality. But remember, everything is inside of us. If you believe you can. There are writers who write 20,000 words in 3 hours.

And these articles, given that they’re academic, do you really think they have a chance of making mistakes? Let’s say they make mistakes and it’s bad…



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