Hi, I'm Oguz Bayata. I prepare educational and informative articles. And I enjoy posting them. I love to freely share articles. Most of my articles are made to help people to contribute. I don't know, it comes from my naturalness.

If I talk about myself as a profession, I graduated in 2018 as an energy systems engineer. After working for a while, I started to make websites and website designs attracted my attention. I created my first blog and started to produce content on my own blog for 2 years. Similarly, I have been making music as a hobby since 2016. I am interested in various design issues. These are sculptures, epoxy design, etc. Of course, I have also worked on these. I have been working in the e-commerce industry since 2020. In this way, I learned about marketplaces such as eBay and Esty, marketing tips, SEO information, logistics, and supply chain. And I'm trying to blend this information and write effective content. I hope what I wrote is helpful to you.

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Oguz Bayata

An innovative writer with artificial intelligence, education, technology and crypto content. Also an engineer who loves research and development.