3 Hacks That Will Get You Up Early Every Morning

Hey! Didn’t you wake up today, it’s okay…

Oguz Bayata
4 min readMay 10, 2022


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Some of us sleep every day, some of us have trouble sleeping. What would you say if I told you there was a trick to editing this? Yes, if you didn’t wake up today, that’s fine. Because after reading this, you can wake up earlier and more vigorous.

As someone who works with an intense tempo, I can say that I apply these methods every day. And over time, I developed various methods to be more active and happier. I am proud to announce these. Who knows, maybe it can help you.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up quite comfortably and happier! Is not it? If you really want this, you can apply these methods in your life. Well, now without making you wonder any more, let’s move on to the methods then.

1. Be reckless with life

I’m not saying shut your ears to events. You can do different activities just to forget the stress of the day. For example, you can take up side hobbies to focus better. It will make you more reckless towards life.

You can wake up better for the day after your stress level is reduced. After all, you now have a side hobby. Sometimes you wake up without winding the clock, right? Mostly because we get used to it every day, our brain automatically picks us up. But if we’re not excited about life, stop right there! Yeah, your brain won’t be able to handle you! Why would you even remove it? Because you don’t want this, commands like the computer won’t wake you up.

But if you don’t care about these situations and become more careless towards life, getting up early will not be a problem for you!

2. Having hobbies

I know, I mentioned hobbies above. Now you are saying ‘why is this author talking about it again’? Because I talked about the importance of hobbies there, but here I offer you an opportunity to acquire new hobbies.

Once you have hobbies, you will have a purpose to get up early. Hobbies are actually a kind of meditation that you personally like to do and throw your workload away. When you deal with hobbies, your personal development will increase and you will relieve your stress as much as possible. Yes, you’ve…



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