3 Fiverr Jobs You Can Do If You’re A Writer!

Moreover, your basic writing knowledge will be sufficient.

Oguz Bayata
3 min readNov 17, 2022


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If you’re a writer, it’s important to improve and move forward. The biggest way forward is to turn content into regular work. Being a freelancer for normal work is an alternative.

There are many sites on the internet for freelancing work. Having tried many of them, I think fiverr is the best. Of course, getting your first job on Fiverr can seem difficult. With certain business plans, you can do this and make a profit.

When you think of Fiverr, I’m sure you might think of making money by working from home. Or, similarly, making money from your seat. Rest assured, you cannot get the money to come to you by sitting down or doing nothing!

You have come across many topics such as ‘become a freelancer, earn money’ on Medium. Even ways that make $1000 a day this way (untrue content). Unlike boring articles, I will tell you how you can make money on Fiverr the real way.

Sharing provable content, as in any other way, makes you stand out. In short, you are known as you want to be known…

Anyway, without further ado; Let’s move on to 3 Jobs you can do on Fiverr if you are a writer.

1. Blog Writing (SEO Blog Writer)

I think everyone who creates content on Medium knows about blogging. But for those who don’t know, blog writing means creating content about a specific keyword or topic. Typically, your client, from Fiverr or elsewhere, requests an article about third-party narration.

Rarely; For one-person companies, biografy editing or first-person narration is used only on primary blogs.

When you come to the main page on Fiverr, you can find the following words in the ‘search box’:

  • Blog writer
  • Blogging
  • SEO blog writing
  • Blog content writer etc.

Clients often want to work with freelance writers with SEO knowledge. If you want to improve yourself in this area, advance in the following areas:



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